Ulivieri: More Important Results Of Performance

Ulivieri: More Important Results Of Performance

Renzo Ulivieri, President of Assoallenatori, spoke to local media about Luciano Spalletti and Vincenzo Montella, ahead of derby Madonina derby between Inter Milan cons Milan.

“What do I know most about Spalletti? Pragmatism, his ability to always dare to sail, even in difficult seas, great experiences, great football knowledge, great ability to adjust to the characteristics and qualities of his players and build teams. Rome, especially for his early years: I challenge anyone not to say that it is not soccer. ”

Ulivieri admits that you should again see Montella as Fiorentina coach to see his quality as a coach.

“A strong aesthetic, see how Fiorentina played a few years ago; Play beautiful football, and at the same time he can make the most of it. ”

Speaking of Inter’s opening match, Ulivieri admits that the outcome is everything despite their imperfect performances.

“It’s not beautiful, but the results are there and that’s what matters. And I believe that for the Nerazzurri, it will be a great season, I do not know where they will end, but Luciano is a guarantee, especially for Inter. ”

Montella in Milan even disappointing?

“Vincenzo needed time to apply his ideas and make his project a reality, and he had to make sure he was given time; Unfortunately football currently has no patience. It is not easy to have everything in the shortest time possible. ”

How is Milan and Inter going forward?

“It’s very difficult to make predictions after a pause. I think Inter will be eyeing Milan’s weakness, also taking advantage of the ongoing tension. This competition will determine Montella’s future. “

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