Back Reinforced National Team Players, Arema FC Makin Pede

Back Reinforced National Team Players, Arema FC Makin Pede

Arema FC increasingly confident to face Madura United in the week 23 League 1, which will be held Sunday 10 September 2017 to come Situs Taruhan Bola. The reason, the return of two foreign players after the accumulation of cards, now nam Hanif Sjahbandi is also rumored to be joining Singo Edan in training Tuesday (5/9/2017).

Hanif who just finished defending the national team in the SEA Games event some time ago, should be able to join in training weekend. However, he still asked permission to undergo examination conditions in Jakarta.

“Alhamdulillah, the additional power coming back, Hanif tomorrow can already join with others, now his position is still in Jakarta for the examination of his foot a little problematic when the last SEA Games,” said Arema FC coach, Joko Susilo.

Coach who is familiarly called Gethuk added that himself tomorrow will slightly differentiate the practice of his players who just came from the national team. This is done to see if the last condition is ready to be lowered or not.

“Hanif plan we will give the training itself together with Alfarizi, Benny and Adam Alis who also just returned from the Senior National Team, which clearly we see their condition and the adjustment with other players,” he explained,

What is clear with Hanif’s joining could provide fresh air for the 1987-born team to strengthen the midfielder’s position, “Hopefully he’s back in good shape, so we will not force the player instead of the stopper to play there,” said the FC Arema coach.

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